Project Hammerhead, Mod di Umberto Todaro

Project Hammerhead By Tod Mod

Hello guys my name is Umberto Todaro I am 33 years old and since I was a child I have the passion for videogames / computer science, modding applied to modeling, and to track bikes (where I have worked and realized racing parts in resin glass) up to today ,at the age of 33 years old and with a family on my shoulders, then with a decidedly more sober lifestyle, I decided to join this passion of modding to my other passion in the world of computing.

After this quick biography, I present one of my most recent projects PROJEC HAMMERHEAD A project created entirely in a traditional way with Plexiglas and aluminum.

With an armored design with an original design that will integrate a display in the psu cover that will be used for hardware monitoring.

All liquid-cooled through a custom loop that we will see later. We start with the construction of the structure of the houses, then with the cutting of the various parts in aluminum and the assembly of these last parts and finally the painting.

Then we focus on the realization of the various parts of the armor including the panel where the motherboard will be placed. And to the creation and folding of Plexiglas panels.

Now we dedicate ourselves to the sandblasting and painting of all the parts and finally, once the assembly of all the parts has dried up.

Finally, once the project has been realized let’s assemble all the hardware and the creation of the custom loop.


project hammerhead

Hello everyone We presented the Project Hammerhead of Umberto Todaro with pride and satisfaction, a beautiful job!

A friend as well as a great Modder!

I thank him for the opportunity to publish his work.

I also remember that the site is open to anyone who wants to show their work or release any technological feedback.